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Lauren Rosenbaum / 19 / Fife, Scotland

I hate these stupid things. SO AWKWARD.

Anyway, my names Lauren, I'm 19 and I live in Scotland. My hobbies include blogging & eating anything and everything that gets put in front of me. Nice to meet you!

I love elephants and travelling, so if anyone wants to send me money so I can go to Thailand my PayPal email is ... I'm totally joking. Maybe.

I've had my blog since 2014 but only started blogging properly in May/June 2016. This is my little space to talk about all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

SNAPCHAT - l4urennn
EMAIL - loulabelleenquiries@outlook.com

Feel free to connect with me on any of these platforms - I promise I'm really friendly and I love a good chat!
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